Grazie Gloria

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Italiensk film skal stadig ses i biografen

Vi er glade for at kunne byde velkommen til endnu en sæson af vores italienske filmkavakade GRAZIE GLORIA.

Det Italienske Kulturinstitut og Gloria Biograf præsenterer i samarbejde med RAI Cinema en række udvalgte italienske film.

Fra december til maj præsenterer GRAZIE GLORIA hver måned en ny italiensk film med to visninger per gang. En premierevisning om onsdagen kl. 19.00, ofte med servering af italienske specialiteter, og en formiddagsvisning den efterfølgende mandag kl. 12.00 til reduceret billetpris.

Der er både rå, humoristiske, eventyrlige, varme, skæve og dramatiske film på programmet, men fælles for dem er, at de giver os et indblik i hvordan det er at leve i Italien i dag og hvad det vil sige at være italiener.

For yderligere information se GRAZIE GLORIAs Facebookside her:

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NB! Alle filmene vises på italiensk med engelske undertekster

Il bene mio - Onsdag d. 24.04.19, kl. 19:00
& Mandag d. 29.04.19, kl. 12:00

Pippo Mezzapesa, 2018, 94 min.
The last remaining inhabitant of Provvidenza, a village destroyed by an earthquake, Elia refuses to go along with the rest of the community, which has resettled in Nuova Provvidenza and put the past behind them. To Elia, his town is still alive, and thanks to the help of an old friend, Gesualdo, he strains to keep its memory alive as well. When the mayor orders him to abandon Provvidenza, Elia seems to be on the point of pulling up stakes, when he suddenly senses a strange presence. In fact, a young woman, Noor, is hiding in the rubble of the school, where Elia's wife had lost her life. Noor is on the run, and this chance encounter, coupled with Elia's own desire as keeper of the flame for Provvidenza, brings him up against a decision from which there is no going back.
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Nome di donna - Onsdag d. 22.05.19, kl. 19:00
& Mandag d. 27.05.19, kl. 12:00

Marco Tullio Giordan, 2018, 98 min.
Marco Tullio Giordana ('The Best of Youth') returns with another beautifully directed story, this one about sexual harassment and the poisonous atmosphere it creates. Nina (Cristiana Capotondi) is a single mother who finds a job at a care home for the elderly in Lombardy. She initially settles in well, but one night she is called into her supervisor’s office and the man jumps on her. Nina rebuffs his advances, but when she resolves to report her boss she finds that no one is willing to support her; not her colleagues, not her boyfriend, not certainly not her employers. The #MeToo movement has caused controversy and soul-searching in Italy even more than in some other European countries, not least because Asia Argento remains such a divisive lightning rod there. Marco Tullio Giordana has fashioned a very timely drama exploring the courage it takes to stand up for your rights (and especially as a working class woman), the vastly different attitudes towards rampant chauvinism that are to be found among Italian women, and the due process of the law. This is a deliberately un-melodramatic movie, which measures its points carefully and makes them count.
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