The Venice Syndrome

The Venice Syndrome
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Længde: 82 min.
  • Instrueret af
  • Andreas Pichler

Tourism is on the rise, and scenic cities are on the bucket lists of a growing number of experience economy consumers. This is not only bad for the climate, but it also poses a potential threat to everyday life and the survival of our cities.
In The Venice Syndrome we witness the nightmare par excellence of uncontrolled tourism. Once one of Europe’s most mercantile and successful cities through centuries, Venice is now dying under the impact of its popularity. Inhabitants are pushed out, basic services have closed down, and buildings crumble as the tourism economy has obtained full, unregulated reign. It is predicted that by 2030 Venice will have no residents left, but exist only as a scenography for the flow of passers-by.
After the film we will debate the increase in tourists visiting Copenhagen, and the ambition of the municipality and Wonderful Copenhagen to double the number of visitors. Can this be done in a sustainable way? We have invited head of tourism from the Copenhagen Municipality, Michael Ryan Andersen, and tourism researcher Jane Widtfeldt Meged (RUC).
The event will be in English.

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